Rising Professional Cables Gourmet, small batch audiophile and professional audio cables from downtown portland, oregon

We combine cost-effective, premium audio cables with the best customer service and product warranty in the business. RPC carries the entire line of Swiss-made Gotham Audio cables, the foundation of our assemblies.

Rising Professional Cables has product lines geared toward both the audiophile and professional audio markets. Please browse our store and if you don't find what you're looking for, we'll make it for you. The store doesn't have a large selection yet, we're working on adding everything as we have time so if you don't see the exact cable(s) you need, let us know and we'll give you a direct quote right away. Our cables are fresh and made-to-order, and usually ship within three business days - anywhere in the world.

In addition to cable assemblies, RPC's principal, Rhiannon Ball, provides complete computer networking and sound design consulting services. With 20 years' IT experience and 25 years' audio engineering experience, she can help with designing and installing your customized audio network both at home and in the studio. Rhiannon is particularly adept at coming up with solutions to obscure and difficult problems. For a complete solution from the computers to the cables at an affordable price, call or email Rhiannon. Consulting services available by phone, remote computer session and on site for larger projects.

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Many believe that you must spend thousands for the best cables for your high-end audio system. We shatter that perception. Our audiophile interconnects represent the absolute best price / performance ratio through our Standard and Ultra product lines. Standard cables use good quality connectors and Cardas Quad Eutectic solder, while the Ultra cables kick it up a notch with premium connectors and Mundorf silver/gold solder. We have had countless customers replace their existing cables that cost ten times as much with our Gotham cables. With a 14-day return policy on all new assemblies, you really can't go wrong.

In addition to cable assemblies, we also rework existing cables and rewire audio and power equipment with updated Gotham cabling throughout.

Pro Audio

The Gotham Audio name has been well known for decades for their premium Swiss-made professional audio cables. Gotham is still known as the premium cable of choice. We carry GAC-7 tube and GAC-3 balanced microphone cables, snakes, analog and digital interconnects, Ethernet cables, speaker cables and power cables. Drawing from Gotham's entire product line, we can make any type of cable or snake assembly you need. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Product Catalog Product information for the brands we carry

We are authorized distributors for the following brands, and carry their entire product lines. Linked are their associated product catalogs. If you don't see an item listed in our online store, we can order it - please contact us for a quote. Note that we usually only carry stock of Gotham's most popular cable models; all other items will usually need to be custom ordered. Average shipping times for custom orders are listed. We will soon be stocking the most popular premium connectors so that assemblies can be shipped quicker. We do stock most of the standard Neutrik connectors that many of our cables use, as well as the

In addition to these brands, we have wholesale access to over 10,000 pro audio and audiophile products. We offer exceptional pricing on all items we sell. Most brands require us to list retail pricing in our store, but we will give a quote if you contact us.

BE WARY OF COUNTERFEITS! All of the brands we carry are frequently counterfeited, with knock-offs sold well below retail on sites like eBay, Amazon and Alibaba, as well as vendors' own web sites. Most brands require retail pricing be listed on resellers' sites.
Not only does counterfeiting hurt the Intellectual Property of the original company that invested time and money in developing a product, but you will receive an inferior product that in some cases is unsafe; you don't know what you will get. Don't take the risk - always buy from an authorized distributor or dealer! If there's ever a question, contact the manufacturer to make sure they are authorized.

Gotham Audio LLC Product catalog Non-stock items ship in 2-3 business days
Oyaide   Items ship in 2-3 business days if stocked in US warehouse; 7-10 businiess days when imported from Japanese factory
Furutech Product catalog Items ship in 2-3 business days if stocked in US warehouse; 7-10 businiess days when imported from Japanese factory
Eichmann (ETI Research) Product catalog Items ship directly from Australian factory; 3-5 business days using standard shipping, 7-10 days using expedited shipping


Contact Information Hailing from the greatest city on earth, portland, oregon

Rising Professional Cables designs, assembles and supports our cables from our downtown Portland, Oregon offices in the historic Oregon Trail Building. If you live here too, you can pick up your order in person to avoid shipping charges. If you run a local music venue, we also provide emergency cable repair or assembly (subject to stock on hand) in case your sound check reveals a faulty cable that needs replacing.

Our location

If you're coming by to pick up a cable order, we're at 333 SW 5th Ave, Suite 410 in the heart of downtown Portland. We're right on the downtown Transit Mall. Please call or email ahead so we know you're coming.

  • MAX Green and Yellow Lines
  • TriMet routes 1, 4, 12, 16, 19, 31, 32, 33, and 94
  • on SW 5th Ave between Oak and Stark
  • Near I-405 and I-5 freeways

Our incredible warranty

All of our assemblies are covered by our exclusive, all-inclusive no-fault warranty. If your cable assembly fails - even if it's your fault - return it to us for free repair.

If you experience a cable failure, please call or email us to arrange for an RMA.

Gotham Audio

Manufacturers of some of the world's most prestigious and costly microphones have made Gotham their cable of choice.

Gotham Audio Cables reflect the proud heritage of German broadcast engineering. Much of the range features "Double Reussen Shielding." This design, first introduced by EMT in 1966, features two layers of 100% coverage, bare copper wires, wound in opposite directions over the conductors to provide the maximum RF-rejection. The finely stranded copper wire and supple jacketing assure superb flexibility, easy and fast handling, low memory and reliable, long life.